Worth the Wait

This painting has seen many other projects start and finish while it patiently waited.  Only when the right balance, color and composition is achieved, can I finally be satisfied to sign it off.  Being the largest canvass I’ve completed to date, it brought many challenges as it progressed through the different stages. With all that said, it is very rewarding to take a concept, work at it for months and upon finishing, feel that it was “worth the wait”.

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Bottoms Up!

Since my last update I made many highlight changes throughout the painting. I am in the process of finishing the base of the wine glass , wood grain on the table and the reflections and shine. 

The base of the glass and the table need to be slightly out of focus to the rest of the painting to give it depth and allow the body of the glass and the neck of the bottle to be the focal point. larger brush strokes and blending the edges of the paint stroke was necessary to accomplish this.

(The lower image is 95% complete. Shifting back and forth between the images will reveal the subtle changes I’ve made.)

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

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The Bubbles in the Glass…

I’m finally past the stage that every artist dreads but must persevere through…the “ugly stage”. There are times I call it something more colorful, but for now this is a term used by many to describe a stage of their painting before the sky opens, the light shines down and things really begin to take shape.

I have made it past this and for the past few weeks have been working on the part I love…the fine details!

I have Completed the layers of detail on the pour and have now started to add the bubbles to the outer edges of the glass. Once these are complete I’ll start work on the blurred motion of wine on the surface which will tie into the bubbles forming on the edge.



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The Detail…

I have finished adding detail to the glass on the neck of the bottle with the exception of a few highlights that will go on near the end to help balance the painting.  Next I will put the final detailed layers on the pour and then move to wine inside the glass which will have motion and be burred except for the bubbles around the edge of the glass.


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New year…New Focus

Happy New Year! With the new year comes a new focus.  Work has started again and more of the base layers are getting to the point of completion thus making room for the intermediate layers of paint. The glass in the background will have to be softened to push it into the background as well as the stem of the glass to give the main glass and the pour the definition it needs to be the main focus of the piece.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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Starting to take shape!

With the busy summer behind me, I’m moving forward and making progress on this painting. The base layers are beginning to set the values apart. I’m doing most of the work on the stem of the glass and the table trying to place emphasis on the shadows and the highlights. Once these important layers are complete, the next stage will be to focus on adding more detail and color.  This will give the piece it’s depth and shine that my work is known for.

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Almost covered.

Another late night painting and I Just about have all the canvas covered with the first layers of paint. Once this stage is done I will start adding more detail and concentrate on the values to make sure the focus is on the center of the painting. 

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First Layer

The process of laying paint to canvas has begun! This is the beginning of the first thin layers of paint which make up the under painting. As more layers are added, detail and fine lines will give the under painting a monochrome view of the final painting.  I’ve started by using liquitex heavy body paint Acrylic paint in Raw Umber, Burnt Sienna, Ivory Black and Titanium White mixed with water to ceate a very thin first layer of color. 

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New wine painting!

Hi everyone:

I’ve decided to start another red wine painting. I love the challenge of painting glass and reflections. While still holding true to my realist style, on this piece I will be using a larger canvas and brushes.

Using a 24″x48″ canvas I will add 2 more coats of gesso to the already pre-primed canvas.  Once this is completed I will lay down the basic outlines and tones of the image using a watered down Burst sienna/raw umber mix with a focus on the highlights and shadows of the new image to give me a a starting point for my first thin layers of color.



Once the gesso has dried,  it’ll be time to transfer the image to canvas blending the photos I have, taking the best from both images to create the painting. I’ll explain more of this once I get into the actual process of transferring the image to canvas.

When I think of an image in my mind I try to recreate it and take as many photos in different lighting as I possibly can. I then take all the images and start weeding through them until I get a handful of photos that are close to the image that I wanted. Then I start to crop and manipulate them to see which ones best suit the canvas size I want.

Composition is everything as far as I am concerned and it all starts with transferring the image to canvas.  where will the viewers attention be drawn to when he or she looks at the final piece? I know more comes to play with the amount of detail given to certain areas of the painting and light and shadow, but these can be manipulated as the painting progresses to help shift the persons focus around the painting. In the beginning it is so important to get the composition right from the start. Your painting can be a masterful display of your talent but if the viewer does not have a focus point on your painting and the eyes have no direction then it will not be pleasing to look at. Tell the person where to look, make their eyes travel over your painting in such a way that it’s visually pleasing to them. Composition turns a good painting into a great one.

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Welcome to My Blog

Welcome to my Blog.

Since getting my website up and running, I wanted to start a blog of new paintings from start to completion. I’ve since started a new wine painting and thought this would be a great time to kick off the blog. 

I’m going to add new posts with photos and explanations of what I’m doing and why and give a daily account of my progress.

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